Sunday, October 12, 2008

McCain Worried

Editorial Commentary: Yes, Sen. John McCain is worried. He is trailing in the polls behind his own running mate. While busy telling his followers who the real Obama is, the Arizona Senator is actually showing all of us who the Real McCain is. When we criticize to the point of demonizing others we almost always inadvertently expose our own deep seeded character. But in John McCain's case it isn't all that deep. His temper, hostile outbursts and general lack of self-control is well known as has been witnessed on the Senate floor. Sen. McCain has stated that he "learned his lesson" from his involvement in the Keating Affair. While he may have learned something about his involvment has he really learned to identify future 'danger zones' and now know how to avoid the pitfalls? With his temperment this writer highly doubts that the Gentleman from the great State of Arizona --who cannot recall how much property he owns-- is fit to lead this nation. If elected, there is a real fear that McCain will lead the nation "to the gates of hell".

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